This cycle 2, I only have 15 applicants. Then, I have to narrow them down to 8. 8 beautiful and excellent finalists will have the hard photoshoots, and in the end, only 1 of them will be Sims Next Top Model Cycle 2.

The winner was Mikaela.


Contestants Age Creator Placement
Wulyn Huang 21 kimikimihyo 8th
Tracy Perry 18 T2DaCooks 7th
Cassandra Midas 18 TheSimCent 6th
Eugena Reyes 19 ModelesqueSims2 5th
Abbey Arden 21 WilhelminaSims 2nd runner-up
Jean Gossamet 20 Angeloxpo 2nd runner-up
Spontaniouse Kreuk 21 sntmfan 1st runner-up
Mikaela Soyad 19 VictoriaHannah97 Winner


8 finalists: Abbey, Cassandra, Eugena, Jean, Mikaela, Spontaniouse, Tracy and Wulyn has won other 7 girls and go to the TOP 8.






Mikaela: Long blonde curly hair

Spontaniouse: Long black straight hair with a little white

Tracy: Short red hair with a little bit volume

Wulyn: short black bob with heavy bangs

Week 1

First call-out: Cassandra Midas

Bottom 3: Abbey Arden, Spontaniouse Kreuk, Wulyn Huang

Eliminated: Spontaniouse Kreuk, Wulyn Huang

Main judges: Georgia Glass, Bebe Keriss

Guest judge: Akia Fortunado (WilhelminaSims)

Week 2

First call-out: Mikaela Soyad

Bottom 2: Cassandra Midas, Tracy Perry

Eliminated: Tracy Perry

Week 3

First call-out: Abbey Arden

Bottom 2: Cassandra Midas & Eugena Reyes

Eliminated: Cassandra Midas

Week 4

First call-out: Mikaela Soyad

Bottom 2: Eugena Reyes & Jean Gossamet

Eliminated: Eugena Reyes

Comeback: Spontaniouse Kreuk

Week 5

First call-out: Mikaela Soyad

Bottom 2: Abbey Arden & Jean Gossamet

Eliminated: None

Week 6 (Finale)

Winner: Mikaela Soyad

Runner-up: Spontaniouse Kreuk

Third Place: Abbey Arden & Jean Gossamet

Elimination Table

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Cassandra Mikaela Abbey Mikaela MikaelaMikaela
2 Jean Eugena Mikaela Abbey SpontaniouseSpontaniouse
3 Eugena Abbey Jean Jean AbbeyAbbey
4 Tracy Jean Eugena Spontaniouse JeanJean
5 Mikaela CassandraCassandra Eugena
6 AbbeyTracy
7 Spontaniouse
8 Wulyn


1.1 - Swimsuit in the privacy place

1.2 - Guess advertisements

2 - Fashion in the autumn

3 - On Top Of The Tower

4 - Simopolitan Cover

5 - New Zealand

6 - Happer Bazzar Magazine