SNTM Cycle 4
TOP 16
Season Run 16 November 2016 - 30 December 2018
Episodes 9
Models 16
Winner Olga Monklova
Runner-up(s) Sue Thompson
Series Chronology
Previous Season Cycle 3
Next Season Cycle 5

Sims Next Top Model: Cycle 4 premiered on November 16th, 2016. This cycle featured 8 models who have competed in the SNTMs outside before, and 8 models who haven't competed in any shows yet.

Name Creator Show Placement
Alicia Oghen Steller Sandria Steller Sandria's SNTM (cycle 1) 4th
Hadassah Richardson CalifornianSims Top Model Battle (cycle 25) Semi-finalist (18th)
Hannah Goberdett FASHIONSIMS999 BechelageChannel's SNTM (cycle 1) 9th/10th
Hessie McBrown Alex Grimm ModelesqueSims2's SNTM (cycle 1) 7th
Mei Ling TaraNicoleVside WestCoastSims's SNTM (cycle 5) 11th/12th
Seal Van Beek Fercho Gonzalez Top Model Battle (cycle 6) Runner-up
Tiphany Richardson FASHIONSIMS999 Top Model Battle (cycle 23) 7th
Ugaana Yustel SIMLANA WestCoastSims's SNTM (cycle 5) 11th/12th

The prizes this season are:

  • A contract with Reboot Models.
  • A cover and spread of CoverGirl, Vogue and Vannyfair.
  • A cash prize worth $500,000.

The winner this cycle was Olga Monklova, and her creator is Dokr.


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Key: Quit Runner-Up Eliminated Winner Finalist


No. in
Title Original air date
28 1 "The Beginning" 16 November 2016

The TOP 16 finally met at the Top Model house and some alliances were made already, but some was just too shy or too bitchy. Hadassah and Olga made an alliance called #teamnerdygirls. They quickly discovered the house. Then they had a photoshoot when they wore lipsticks that represents their countries. Tiphany impressed the judges the most and won the FCO, when Alicia and Ugaana failed and it was Ugaana who was the first eliminated model, leaving the number of All-Stars down to 7.

  • First Call-Out: Tiphany Richardson
  • Bottom 2: Alicia Oghen & Ugaana Yustel
  • Eliminated: Ugaana Yustel
29 2 "The Girl Who Is Too Stupid" 30 November 2016

15 remaining girls received the changes of the house, which are not too big, so the house is not able to be much better, but a little bit better. Tiphany had her photo hung at the wall of the house, Mei missed her friend, Alicia became a literal bitch which made Seal angry and a short drama happened. Almeyda and Seal almost burned the house because of their bad cooking skills. Then they had a quiz challenge which made them to answer the questions about the SNTM community, and Group 3, containing Olga, Tiphany and Stephanie, won. The girls had a group photoshoot when they have to be ballerinas, but the groups are not the same as in the challenge. Celestia won the FCO, and Alicia and Iriss landed in the Bottom 2 with Alicia being the second girl and the second All-Star to be eliminated from the competition.

  • First Call-Out: Celestia Gagnon
  • Bottom 2: Alicia Oghen & Iriss Dion
  • Eliminated: Alicia Oghen
30 3 "The Girl Who Changed" 24 December 2016

14 girls continued to share about their stories in the house, which Iriss told that the elimination last week was so unfair. Then they got a Jean Mail and knew it was time for MAKEOVERS. The girls had a lot of changes and Almeyda cried because she couldn't stand short hair, which is almost bald, and Iriss became such a bitch and being unprofessional towards Jean. It was Mei who won a surprising challenge which is the girl who had the best pose at the fadeout. Then the TOP 14 had a photoshoot which they had to sell the gowns in a runway. Before the elimination, Almeyda was told to have quit the competition and the number of contestants is down to 13.

  • Quit: Almeyda Praja

And some girls impressed the judges, some girls didn't. Hannah managed to surprise the judges and the audience to produce a stellar shot and won a FCO, when Ariana, Seal and Stephanie didn't and became the Bottom 3. Seal was called first, and then Stephanie was also called, leaving Ariana being the fourth girl to leave the competition.

  • First Call-Out: Hannah Goberdett
  • Bottom 3: Ariana Brande, Seal Van Beek & Stephanie Eves
  • Eliminated: Ariana Brande
31 4 "The Girl Who Finally Stood Out" 22 July 2017

From this episode to the overseas episode, it was told that this cycle will be in panel only.

The TOP 12 once again did a group photoshoot, but this time each group will have 4 contestants, and are divided into 3 teams, #TeamBlack, #TeamWhite and #TeamYellow. Sue from #TeamYellow impressed the judges the most and won her first FCO. Hailey from #TeamYellow and Mei from #TeamWhite didn't and were the Bottom 2 of this episode. In a shocking decision, Jean told them that it was a double elimination, which made Hailey and Mei became the fifth and sixth girl to leave the competition.

  • First Call-Out: Sue Thompson
  • Bottom 2: Hailey Foster & Mei Ling
  • Eliminated: Hailey Foster & Mei Ling
32 5 "The Girl Who Left A Surprise" 7 August 2017

This is the first episode that had the backstage scene, which I'm not going to talk about because it's too short.

The TOP 10 had a photoshoot which is inspired by the ANTM Cycle 7 CoverGirl shoot, which Olga managed to win her first FCO in this competition. 2 judges hated Hessie's shot the most but Lola loved it and voted it for one of the best photos that week so Hessie was placed 7th. Celestia and Seal landed in the Bottom 2, and it was Seal who didn't stand-out enough, was the seventh girl to leave the competition.

33 6 "The Girl Who Has Sex Appeal" 10 September 2017

9 girls had a photoshoot at the beach when they're wearing swimsuits in different colors. It was Iriss who landed her way to the top and won a FCO. Hessie and Tiphany, the only two chocolate beauties remaining, landed in the Bottom 2, and it was Hessie who also didn't stand-out enough, was eliminated from the competition, leaving the number of All-Stars down to 3, while the number of Newbies are still 5.

  • First Call-Out: Iriss Dion
  • Bottom 2: Hessie McBrown & Tiphany Richardson
  • Eliminated: Hessie McBrown
34 7 "The Girl Who Is Able To Jump and Fly" 27 October 2017

The TOP 8 had their panel at an airport and later they knew that they would be going to Milan as their overseas destination. However, only 6 girls will be able to go to Milan, leaving the other 2 being eliminated. They had a photoshoot when they have to jump but still not losing the model, and it was Olga who impressed the judges the most and became the first model to win 2 FCOs, and when Hannah, Stephanie and Tiphany landed in the Bottom 3, Jean decided to save Hannah, eliminated Stephanie and Tiphany.

  • First Call-Out: Olga Monklova
  • Bottom 3: Hannah Goberdett, Stephanie Eves & Tiphany Richardson
  • Eliminated: Stephanie Eves & Tiphany Richardson
35 8 "The Girl Who Returns To Be A Drama Queen" 27 April 2018

The TOP 6 flew to Milan and finally they saw their new Top Model house. They had a challenge with the one and the only Brittany Lewis, which they had to tell their inspiring stories, but only 2 girls impressed her, the others annoyed her, especially Iriss who had a super unprofessional attitude towards her. Celestia was the girl who won the challenge. After that, the girls had a photoshoot in front of a beautiful scenery in Milan. Iriss won her second FCO and when both Celestia and Hannah landed in the Bottom 2 for the second time, Celestia was saved because the judges thought she could still improve, and Hannah became the eleventh model to be eliminated from the competition.

  • First Call-Out: Iriss Dion
  • Bottom 2: Celestia Gagnon & Hannah Goberdett
  • Eliminated: Hannah Goberdett
36 9 "Wrap Up" 30 December 2018

Due to lack of inspiration and the difficulties of Bebe, he decided to cancel this cycle and made a wrap-up which announced the placements of the TOP 5.

  • Fifth Place: Celestia Gagnon
  • Fourth Place: Hadassah Richardson
  • 2nd runner-up: Iriss Dion
  • Runner-up: Sue Thompson
  • Winner: Olga Monklova

The title was not shown at the episodes.

Call-Out OrderEdit

Order Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 Tiphany Celestia Hannah Sue Olga Iriss Olga Iriss Olga Sue Olga
2 Sue Mei Iriss Iriss Hadassah Sue Celestia Olga Sue Iriss Sue
3 Hadassah Sue Hadassah Olga Iriss Hadassah Hadassah Sue Iriss Olga Iriss
4 Hessie Hadassah Celestia Stephanie Sue Olga Sue Hadassah Hadassah Hadassah
5 Celestia Tiphany Sue Hessie Hannah Stephanie Iriss Celestia Celestia
6 Almeyda Hailey Tiphany Seal Stephanie Celestia Hannah Hannah
7 Olga Hessie Hessie Tiphany Hessie Hannah Stephanie
8 Stephanie Almeyda Hailey Hannah Tiphany Tiphany Tiphany
9 Iriss Hannah Mei Celestia Celestia Hessie
10 Hailey Seal Olga Hadassah Seal
11 Seal Olga Seal Mei
12 Mei Ariana Stephanie Hailey
13 Hannah Stephanie Ariana
14 Ariana Iriss Almeyda
15 Alicia Alicia
16 Ugaana
  • Almeyda decided to quit the competition after episode 3 is being aired. No performances was affected.
  • At episode 3, Ariana, Seal and Stephanie landed in the bottom three. But then, Seal and Stephanie was called individually.
  • At episode 4, Mei and Hailey was in the bottom two and was called to step forward. But then, Jean announced that both of them will be eliminated.
  • At episode 7, Jean announced that there'll be a double elimination which Hannah, Stephanie and Tiphany landed in the bottom three. And Hannah was saved, Stephanie and Tiphany were eliminated.